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IN A WORLD OF GLOBAL ENTERPRISE and rapid technological progress, the problem of two people separated by a language barrier persists, even as historic boundaries give way in today’s globalized economy.  The age-old problem requires an equally time-honored solution: a third person with knowledge of both their languages to provide interpreting services to facilitate communication.


ur interpreters are all carefully screened for their linguistic competence, knowledge of the subject matter pertinent to the assignment, reliability and adherence to professional standards. InterNation closely evaluates the requirements of your assignment to make sure the interpreting services we provide have the experience and skills to ensure successful communication.

InterNation offers different types of interpreting services depending on the nature of  your event:

  • Consecutive Interpreting Services— One interpreter provides language services in both languages — for EBTs, depositions, court proceedings, mediation and settlement discussions, business meetings, production shoots or other conversational applications.
  • Simultaneous/Conference Interpreting Services — Teams of interpreters are available for multilingual conference interpreting across the nation and around the world.  Note that not all simultaneous interpreters interpret bidirectionally, that is typically into and out of one language pair.  This form of interpreting service is sometimes referred to as simultaneous translation, though strictly speaking this is incorrect.
  • InterNation supplies state-of-the-art wireless interpretation equipment, both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) to broadcast the presentation to event attendees.  Trained technicians oversee the installation of the equipment and remain on-site to ensure its flawless operation.
  • Escort/Travel — for business clients who need extended assistance, InterNation provides traveling interpreters both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Telephone Interpretation Services — When budgets do not allow for travel and live, on-demand communication is required, InterNation can arrange for an interpreter via telephone.

For more information about interpreting services, please check out our Interpreting Best Practices Guide.  And if you have any questions about certified interpreting services, you’ll find our Best Practices Guide on Certified Translators and Interpreters helpful.



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