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Subtitling and Captioning Services

CHANCES ARE YOU’VE ALREADY SEEN THE PRODUCT of our subtitling services and captioning services. If you’ve flown Continental or United Airlines any time during the last eleven years, then you’re one of the tens of millions of people who have watched the safety and arrival videos we’ve subtitled and voiced-over in 28 languages, including English.  


ubtitling  and captioning services require special skill and attention that involve more than just translation.  The limitations of line length to meet the requirements of title-safe screen space and the time constraints imposed by a moving picture pose unique challenges for subtitling and captioning services.   Translating your message concisely and with economy — all without sacrificing content — is more like copywriting than translation, and requires thoughtful editorial decisions and superb writing skills.

InterNation uses state-of-the art digital video editing software for its subtitling services to edit subtitles, captions and on-screen graphics, including animated text, 3D and motion graphics, in any language and for all media applications.

Our tried and proven workflow for subtitling and captioning services begins with a script prep and review to streamline the source copy and optimize it for timing-to-picture and line length restrictions.  Our video editors are available for pre-flight consultations to create mock-ups of subtitles with different fonts, colors, drop shadow effects, outlines, bounding boxes so that your message is optimized for your media and appears the way you want it. And with our subtitling service and captioning services you will always have the opportunity to review and approve the translation prior to actually burning subtitles to video — saving you time and money.

We can render and export high-res HD files using any video codec and specifications you require.  Or we can deliver subtitles and captions along with the their timing data in any script format (SRT, STL, TTL/TTML, SCC, AMI, XML, CAP and many others) you may specify.  And if you prefer to be in charge of finishing your video, we can supply the necessary project files and timing data for use in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, AVID and other NLE’s as well as DVD applications that will  fit into your workflow seamlessly.

We work with a variety of software to localize on-screen 3D graphics such as Flash, After Effects, Motion, Blender, Maya, Smoke or 3D Studio Max.

DVD authoring services are also available.

If you have any questions about our subtitling and captioning services, or want a consultation about how to best manage your upcoming video project, simply give us a call.  You’ll find we know what we’re talking about when it comes to professional subtitling services.

For more information check out our Best Practices Guide — Subtitles and Captioning.

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