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TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES FOR MEDIA POST-PRODUCTION IS ONE OF OUR SPECIALTIES. InterNation offers complete transcription services in any language, including English. We can work with any type of digital audio or video file and can provide time code stamping at any time interval you specify, to help get your production off the ground. Our transcription services are also available if you need a verbatim or summary transcription of speeches, interviews, conferences, depositions, business meetings or focus groups.


ave too many hours of material to transcribe?  Draw on one or a team of our linguists to work with your producers and video editors to help them screen and review your raw footage to select the clips for which you want transcription services so they can be included in your video. We can provide on-the-fly “gist” or “summary” translations of the transcribed text to identify passages of particular interest that may require complete and verbatim translations.

Our linguists can also advise you on the tone, quality of speech of the recorded material and will consult with you regarding its suitability for inclusion in your project. And if you or your audio or video editors need help navigating a script they can’t read in a language you cannot understand, our linguists are there to help.



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