Typesetting in Arabic, Chinese…even Hindi?

Yes. Not to mention Armenian!

Typesetting Services & DTP

EXCELLENT COPY IN ANY LANGUAGE calls for excellent presentation.  With a meticulous sense of design and eagle eyes for every detail of layout and formatting, InterNation will ensure that your brilliant ideas and carefully crafted documents are accurately and beautifully presented for print or electronic distribution.


ur graphic artists work with all programs, whether on mac or PC, to provide page layout in all languages.  With a keen eye for detail, we scrutinize the layout and formatting of your text and make sure every word, every punctuation mark, every detail is checked, double checked and then checked again to deliver a perfect product.

If your needs include graphic design, art direction or creative direction, bring us your materials—anything from thumbnails to fully conceived electronic files—and we’ll see the project through to completion and make sure you look good.

Some other the types of materials we routinely typeset include brochures. posters, reports, print ads, manuals, catalogs, flyers — anything and everything for print — even business cards!



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