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Voice-Over Casting

BASED IN NEW YORK CITY, a global center for voice talent from around the world, InterNation hosts one of the largest online voice-over talent databases of guaranteed native foreign language voice actors and an industrial-strength audio recording studio. We’re a one-stop shop  with translation, voice talent, audio recording and video editing services all under one roof.  Our staff has decades of experience assisting clients at every step of the audio visual production process to produce outstanding results.


ultimedia solutions are our specialty for any type of material and content, whether it is a radio spot, safety training video, product demonstration, corporate image video, audio tour, slide show, sales presentation, public service announcement (PSA), educational video, e-learning material or IVR prompts. InterNation will transform your English message into effective communication tools that will take your message around the world. All services available for all types of applications: broadcast, streaming video, Flash, DVD, VOD and more.

Voice-Over Talent

Over its 25 year history serving the foreign language audio-visual  post-production needs of the business and entertainment community, InterNation has assembled one of the largest databases of guaranteed native voice over talent in the industry.  We rigorously evaluate all voice-over actors and narrators for native authenticity, regional dialects and broadcast standard pronunciation, not to mention good reading skills.

Finding and booking foreign voice talent has never been easier!  Simply access our voice talent database, select the language you are looking for and listen to or download samples of our talented voice actors.

InterNation works with both union and non-union voice-over artists who are not just based in the New York City tri-state area, but across the nation and around the world.  We partner with studios abroad when local resources are not sufficient to meet the needs of your project.

And of course our voice-over talent, announcers and narrators are also available to come to an audio recording facility of your choice.

Voice-Over Casting & Auditions

Custom auditions can be arranged if you want voice-over artists to read your copy so there’s no guess work as to how they will sound delivering your message.  Audition samples can be recorded informally from talents’ home studios or professionally in ours.

Can’t find the voice or language you want?  Give us some time and we will find and vet the talent you want, in any language.  We’ll also search for linguistically qualify child voice actors if your project requires young voices.

Call and ask for our special rates for producers and other industry partners!



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