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THIS ON-LINE VOICE CASTING SOLUTION will save you countless hours in auditions, not to mention collecting and evaluating demos for native authenticity. All voice-over talent are guaranteed native speakers. Select the language you’re looking for from the drop down menu below to listen to our foreign language voice talent demos. Download an MP3 by clicking on the download button of the sample(s) you’re interested in.


here is no charge to listen to or download demos of our Estonian voice-over talent from our online voice talent database. The language list on the right sidebar lists many of the languages we’ve worked with. Entries in bold indicate available foreign language voice-over samples. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call. We are expert at finding and vetting voice talent in and around New York City and the world.  Union affiliation of voice talent upon request.


All of our voice talent is carefully vetted by qualified linguists and post-production specialists. They are evaluated for linguistic competence — native-quality language skills are a must — as well as for acting/reading ability, voice quality, experience and professionalism.  Only about one in five voice talent applicants meets our rigorous selection criteria.

While InterNation work with foreign language voice talent worldwide, the majority of our recording is done right here in our studio in New York City and, so most of our voice talent is based in the area.  But we routinely work with voice actors in Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We can work with union and non-union talent. However, we are not a union signatory, which implies that a union paymaster must be engaged on the client side of the transaction as is required.

Typically, we charge by the hour of recording, but sometimes on the basis of a flat rate. Some voice actors will insist on remuneration for “piece work,” that is a negotiated fee for each recorded spot, video or commercial. We can also screen voice-over talent specifically according to your budget. Please contact us for more information.

The recording time depends on what services we are to provide. The rule of thumb for straight audio is that recording will take three to five times runtime, depending in part upon whether a complete listen-back is required for QA purposes. But when one records to video, the coefficient goes up steeply depending on the service. For UN-style voice-over, one should expect the recording to run at least eight to ten times runtime. In the case of lip-sync recording, the factor increases to at least 15 and possibly more, depending on how closely one wants the mouth movements and voice to be synchronized.

The foregoing notwithstanding, and in all cases, one must take into account the difficulty of the material and the quality of the translation. As to the latter, InterNation can only guarantee an estimated recording and talent time if we are engaged to do the translation or can review and revise a client-provided translation as necessary prior to recording.

Lip-sync dubbing is the replacement of an on-screen speaker’s voice (usually English) with the voice of an actor such that the spoken words are in relative synchronicity with the movements of the on-screen speaker’s mouth. The goal of lip sync is to make it look like the on-screen speaker is speaking in the language being recorded.

UN-style voice-over implies that one hears both the original English speaker at low volume and the narrator reading a translation of what he/she is saying. One often encounters this type of voice-over in documentaries, interviews, and news programming. It’s widely used where and when the intention is to preserve the character of the source language — the veracity of the spoken word.

Off-camera narration is a sound track of spoken language in which the narrator doesn’t appear on screen. He or she merely reads/speaks over the video footage.  This is sometimes also referred to as “voice of God” narration.

Lock-to-picture means that the recording apparatus is configured such that the audio (i.e. the text being recorded) can be recorded in sync with an existing video program. Typically, this method is required for almost all audio being recorded in the context of video post-production.

Bilingual production supervisors, also known as dialog coaches, script supervisors or bilingual session directors, ensure that the text as spoken by the voice actor or narrator is free of any and all defects in terms of performance or language.

A phone patch is a telephone connection through which a client or other party can monitor and supervise a voice-over recording session.

ISDN recording involves special two-channel phone lines to capture a live recording session in one location from a remote studio where the talent is in another location.  The two recording studios must have compatible equipment for this recording technique to work.

InterNation can deliver virtually any kind of file commonly employed in the industry, including specialized formats for interactive telephone systems and on-line interactive systems.

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Name Gender Demos Notes
Ave Maria B. F
  • Commercial
Kaidi C. F
  • Commercial
  • Narration
Kristi R. F
  • Commercial
  • Narration
Kristi S. F
  • Commercial
  • Narration
Laura Liisa N. F
  • Commercial
  • Narration

Estonian is the official language of Estonia, spoken natively by about 1.1 million people in Estonia. It belongs to the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family.

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