Lip-sync dubbing in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and English subtitles


Together with long-time industry-partner Eriksen Translations, InterNation produced foreign language versions of this nine episode Emmy-Award winning program for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Adult Education and The City University of New York (CUNY), in  Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

This massive Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish translation, subtitling, dubbing, and DVD authoring project  involved nine 25-minute episodes.  InterNation was tasked with auditioning voice-over talent for 36 speaking parts, including children, to provide a cast of 15-20 Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish voice actors per language. High quality translations specially prepared so that the foreign language matched the source language English phrasing precisely enabled the near flawless synchronization of text and mouth movements you’ll see in these samples.

InterNation used lock-to-video dubbing techniques, expert bilingual post-production supervisors and extensive audio editing of music and SFX to localize the sound tracks to make everything sound natural and on-location.

Each program also required an English  DVD subtitle stream that could be turned on or off so that this program could also be used by the target audiences as an English language learning tool.

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